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Congratulations to the outstanding sixth-grade class of 2023 at STEM Launch, winners of our Bright Horizons Award for Feburary! Special thanks to Felicia Evans, STEM Coordinator, for her nomination, which has brought well-deserved recognition to the school. The students’ unforgettable journey at the YMCA in Estes Park has been nothing short of remarkable. Let's celebrate their remarkable achievements, growth, and the exciting adventures that lie ahead! We pledge our steadfast support every step of the way as you continue to soar. Once again, hearty congratulations to all the sixth graders at STEM Launch! Your dedication and accomplishments are truly commendable.

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Help Horizons North Credit Union spread the word about the essential work and amazing things happening within the Adams 12 Five Star Schools District! We’d like to encourage everyone in our community to share their stories and points of pride about their school or a specific team members that has made a difference. The last few months have been a learning experience for everyone! This is your chance to give a shout-out to the team or person that has been there for kiddos; in-person or virtually! The goals and milestones will be posted on the HNCU website and social media sites to help increase community awareness of the good things happening within Adams 12 Five Star Schools.




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The Five Star FOCUS is a yearly printed publication of Adams 12 Five Star Schools. The FOCUS features stories districtwide giving members of the community a better understanding of who they are. Learn more about this publication or read the latest issue by visiting the Adams 12 Five Star Schools website.