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As a Registered Investment Advisory Firm, JCI receives its compensation from a negotiated, single annual rate, paid quarterly, versus unknown commissions & costs dependent upon trading activity. As a result, the JCI team is incented to employ strategies tailored to both adding value to your portfolio while allocating your assets in such as way as to diversify as much market risk and down-side potential as possible. JCI's team approach, depth of resources and capability to conduct rigorous investment analysis is an essential element in what differentiates Jolliffe Capital from other firms.

Investment Strategies tailored to your specific needs


  • Customized Investment Policy Statement
  • Commons Stock portfolios
  • Corporate, Municipal and Government Bonds
  • Separately Managed Accounts
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Managed Mutual Funds at Net Asset Value
  • Low-cost, no-load, no-surrender-fee variable annuities
  • Customized Financial, Business & Estate Planning

Happy 401k

In these confusing financial times many people are especially concerned about how to allocate their retirement accounts. Discover answers at Happy401k.com hosted by Jolliffe Capital, Inc., and the best part is it's FREE!


Happy401K.com provides personalized step by step information and guidance designed to help your investments keep up with the changing marketplace with 24/7 access to:

  • Weekly emailed market summaries with information on current changes in the marketplace and how they might affect the allocation of funds.
  • Quarterly assessment of your investment allocation based on your individual risk tolerance.
  • Information customized to your needs and goals based on information you provide.
  • There's much more! Sign up for your FREE account today and discover how Happy401K.com can help you take the anxiety out of investing.

Receive free investment advice and find out if Happy401k.com is the right information resource for you. Jolliffe Capital constantly evaluates the world marketplace to offer you the most current investment strategies. Markets are changing rapidly – don't let your investments fall behind.


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Financial Planning and Investment Management Services offered through Jolliffe Capital, Inc., Registered Investment Advisor. Investments May Lose Value. Past performance is not indicative of future results. www.happy401k.com is a DBA of and is owned by Jolliffe Capital, Inc. Investments purchased or acquired through Jolliffe Capital, Inc. are not insured by NCUA and not obligations of the credit union.